The North Norfolk Railway
Occasional Visits 2007

Boxing Day 2007
After surviving the festive period, or more to the point, the lead up to it.
Ben and I felt the need to put some colour back into our cheeks.
Where better than the North Norfolk Coast; besides, the Poppy Line
were operating Mince Pie Specials, hauled today by WD 90775 … Perfect.

25th August 2007 Two Ruddles 2-10-0 designs in traffic at the North Norfolk
David Shepherds 9F 62203 "Black Prince" and the M&GN Society's WD 90775

The early morning sun highlights the classic contours of B12 61572,
as she stands withdrawn from traffic in Weybourne bay platform.

9F 92203 "Black Prince"
Storms the 1/80
with the15.00 ex Sheringham service
1:18mins 3.17Mb
Two 2-10-0's in Service at the
North Norfolk Railway.

WD 90775 and
9F 92203 "Black Prince"

'YouTube link'

9F 92203 "Black Prince"
Stands in Weybourne headshunt
Sony-Ericsson K800i

9F 92203 & WD 90775
held at Weybourne home
signal with the 12.29

ex Sheringham
Sony-Ericsson K800i