Thursday 30th December 2004
Nothing more to add!!
Tuesday 28th December 2004
Day three .... One word ... 'FANTASTIC' The V2 performing beautifully.

Monday 27th December 2004
Yes back for more, a lovely day for it too...
Shame the V2's cylender drain cocks where still sticking, Had it sorted by her second run though..
The fine weather looks like continuing ... so will I.

Sunday 26th December 2004
Feeling the need for some fresh air and exercise after yesterday's festive indulgence, Ben and I travelled over to the
North Norfolk to observe the arrival of the first “service train” into the new platform at Holt Station.
The prestigious 60800 'Green Arrow' did the honours, arriving with the first “Mince Pie Special” of the day
in front of an expectant crowd of waiting passengers and enthusiasts.
I was busy recording the event on video; consequently I have only two pictures to show.
I had hoped to upload a couple of video clips, but due to the locomotives’ drain cocks being stuck open,
the V2's arrival was proceeded by huge clouds of steam, and I'm afraid doesn’t make very interesting viewing...
Unfortunately, what began as a very bright frosty morning soon turned dull and bitterly cold. So after a warming cuppa at Sheringham station Buffet it was home for lunch. Back tomorrow!

~More Pictures on Ben's site~

Saturday 11th December 2004
"V2 60800 'Green Arrow' lands at the NNR"
Having to work an eight-hour shift today was torture for me, knowing that the V2 was in steam.
To make things worse the weather was perfect as well. However, I managed arrive at the North Norfolk in time to see V2 60800 & WD 90775 double heading the 14:45 ‘Santa Special’ near bridge 303.
I Just wish I’d brought my video camera with me to record her absolutely awesome display.

Here is a sequence of shots, plus a couple taken at Weybourne after dark.


Sunday 15th August 2004

“B12 Footplate”
A few weeks ago Ben Fraser, who is a ‘passed cleaner’ and volunteer at the North Norfolk Railway, kindly invited me to take a footplate ride with him when he was next on a firing turn, I've got to say I had a great time,
First at Weybourne shed observing exactly what’s involved in preparing a steam loco for a day’s work,
before boarding the B12 for a couple of round trips with Ben & Andy at the controls.
I can’t begin to describe the experience of riding on the footplate of a steam locomotive,
The movement, The noise, The heat, The smell, It was truly amazing
I don’t believe I’ve ever got so dirty doing nothing in my life!
Thanks Ben, Thanks Andy, for the opportunity.
Here are some pic’s


Saturday 14th August 2004
Turned out to be a nice sunny afternoon, quite opposite to the forecast. The WD 2-10-0 (90775) & class 37 (D6732) were in action today. The Real reason I had popped down today was to meet Ben, who is a ‘passed cleaner’ and volunteer at the North Norfolk Railway. He was at Weybourne making a start on preparing the B12 ready for tomorrow. Some time ago, Ben kindly invited me to take a footplate ride with him when he was on a firing turn; we’d arranged it for tomorrow (Sunday 15th),
What an experience it will be!

Saturday 7th August 2004
Spent the first week of my two-week holiday enjoying days out around the county often incorporating a pub lunch somewhere.
But was drawn back to the railway today for some well needed exercise and some of that good old North Norfolk sea air.
The B12 (61572) & class 25 (D5207) were alternating today’s services. Couldn't resist a shot of 47367, she was parked in Sheringham head shunt along with 31207, 5580 & 376732.
Can’t wait to see her in action….
come to think of it, I've yet to see 31207 in action!

Saturday 31st July 2004
A whole day to myself and a chance to go Diesel loco snapping, just a shame that a blanket of white cloud and sea mist shrouded the North Norfolk coast for the best part of the day which resulted in some pretty ordinary photos.
Never mind, I really enjoyed seeing class 37 (D6732) in service again after her absence for repairs. I think the last stills I took of her was at the 2000 diesel gala... The J15 (65462) was heading the steam hauled services today...

Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd July 2004
Yes I'm back again!... Just fancied a walk and some fresh air after finishing work on this fine July afternoon,
The red timetable came into operation at the North Norfolk this week, which means steam services every 45 minutes
in addition to the usual early morning and late afternoon diesel services.
I Arrived at Weyboune just in time to see 8009 arrive with the 14:15 service from Sheringham. The B12 (61572) followed with the 15:00 Service, by this time I’d made my way up Kelling Heath, the view up there was as spectacular as ever..
The 101 DMU came up with the 16:30 service. as I made my way back to Weybourne... Back again soon!

Sunday 18th July 2004
It's been almost two months since we last visited the North Norfolk mainly because of the recent spell of awful weather.
Today was no exception as we decided to take a trip on the 2 car 101 DMU which has recently entered service at the North Norfolk, I must say she looks very smart in her BR blue livery and gives a very smooth ride.
It was the turn of the B12, 61572 to haul the steam service today.
The sun did eventually put in an appearance as the B12 arrived at Weybourne with the 15:00 service from Sheringham which we boarded for our return to Holt and journey's end.

Little n' Large
Saturday 22nd May 2004
Yellow timetable in operation today one steam one Diesel loco, the weather just about perfect for taking pictures,
Class 25 (D5207) & WD 2-10-0 90775 doing the honour's.
Friday 14th May 2004
One loco in steam today 0-6-0 Austerity 8009,
I really came down to have a look at the newly installed scissors water crane at the end of platform two at Sheringham,
an ingenious contraption (more pictures and info on the NNR web site).
Sunday 2nd May 2004
With the weather today surprisingly sunny after such an unsettled period,
Ben and I took the opportunity to explore some new vantage points along the Weybourn to Holt section
made possible by the acquisition of our photographic lineside passes, thank you Ian!

Its' been quite a while since I've taken any still shots of Austerity 8009. It's good to see her back in action again.
Today she was heading alternate 45 minute services with J15 65462.

Wednesday 14th April 2004
Yes I'm back again ... I make no excuses for the frequency of my visits recently, other than the fact I'm on holiday this week...
Yellow timetable today, One Steam & One Diesel service every 45 minutes
WD 90775 & Railbus E79960

Monday 12th April 2004
Just had to go back for another fix! ....
Steam services today we hauled by J15 65462 and WD 2-10-0 90775 (back in action after its failure on Friday).
Friday 9th April 2004 (Good Friday)
After a dismal week of wet and windy weather the Easter weekend has at least started off fine, which is great.
Ben and I decided to explore some new vantage points as well as re-visiting some of our old favourites.
Major clarence & re-fencing at Kelling has thrown up some interesting viewpoints..
It was great to see the J15 back at the NNR after her visits to the GCR, GCR(N) and WSR....
WD (90775) briefly saw action today but was substituted by Class 25 (D5207) after developing a problem during it's first turn.
And of course the Diesel Railbus (E79960) ran the first and last service of the day.
Saturday 27th March 2004
Quite a change in the weather since our last visit to the North Norfolk Railway a month ago. A bit dull today, but there are signs that spring is on its way at last... Railbus E79960 was in action again running the hourly service from Sheringham to Holt.
Saturday 28th February 2004
A cold wintry North Norfolk...
The form of transport for the day was Railbus E79960. seen here at Holt, Weybourne & Sheringham.
Sunday 1st February 2004

Great progress at Holt as platform 2 takes shape.

Friday 9th January 2004
Felt the need for some fresh air after finishing my shift so, I thought I'd pop down to see how work was progressing with the 2nd platform at Holt station. Although there's some way to go yet, I feel it already has that distinctive look of an M&GN Branch line station. It's going to look great when its finished.... On to Weybourne. Didn't expect to see anything moving at Weybourne today but Class 11 Diesel Shunter (12131) & crew were having a right old re-shuffle of stock in the yard.... Glad I came...

Holt Station

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