Steam Gala 9th - 11th September
Locomotives in traffic today were
'City of Truro' - 34081 '92 Squadron' - WD 90775 and B12 61572 which I did'n manage to get a decent shot of !

Diesel Gala 11th & 12th June
Locomotives in traffic were Class 31's 31207 & 31162, Class 25 (D5207), Class 08's D3935 & D3940 & the 101 DMU.
31207 escaped my lens today I'll try again tomorrow weather permitting.
* Click to see DV-cam shots from the 2005 Diesel Gala

'Curtain Up on Century 3'
Friday 31st December 2004
'New Year Steam Gala'

I can't think of a better way to spend my free time during the Christmas / New Year break.
The weather was little disappointing on day one of the North Norfolk Railway's first winter gala, especially after the glorious
sunshine of the last few days. but it is winter after all...Very difficult to get colour into today's efforts
I've made some shots into black & white to add a little 1950's flavour ...
Loco's in steam today were 34081 '92 Squadron' ... 60800 'Green Arrow' ... and WD 90775..
All performing spectacularly..

Saturday 1st January 2005
'New Year Steam Gala'
'Loco Prep' & 'Little & Large V2's' at Holt.
Day Two ... a little brighter today....The forecast is sunny for tomorrow. Better be there early.!
Thanks again Andy & Andy for the footplate ride on 34081

Sunday 2nd January 2005
Day three ....sunny North Norfolk...Here's are a few pictures from today's visit

What a fantastic gala this has been. I do hope it will become an annual event .

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone at the North Norfolk Railway who has worked so hard and put in so much effort to make this first winter gala a huge success.
'Congratulations and well done everyone'

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