Norfolk's Heritage Railways - Volume Three
Available on both DVD and Blu-ray
Filmed, Edited and Produced by Peter Boggis

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The Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway Society
Weybourne Station. Norfolk.

The North Norfolk Railway
Sheringham Station. Sheringham. Norfolk.


Filmed during 2013/14 at the North Norfolk and Mid-Norfolk Railways, this compilation features a variety of steam and diesel locomotives
working through the Norfolk countryside. Chapters on this disc are arranged in chronological order, beginning in spring 2013.
Edited without commentary, this 78 minute production captures beautifully some of the most memorable and exciting event highlights.

Western Visitors
April 2013 • North Norfolk Railway • 13 minutes
Featuring: GWR 49xx Class, 4953 'Pitchford Hall' and 56xx Class, 5619.

A day at the Mid-Norfolk Railway July 2013 • Mid-Norfolk Railway • 6 minutes
Featuring: LMS Princess Coronation Class, 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland',
LNER B1 61306 'Mayflower', LSWR M7 30053 and GWR 94xx Class 9466.

A grimy Black Five August 2013 • North Norfolk Railway • 8 minutes
Ex-Barry survivor, LMS Class 5 45337 (45156) seen on mid-week service trains.

The arrival of Cromwell August 2013 • North Norfolk Railway • 4 minutes
Crowds gathered at Sheringham to welcome BR Britannia, 70013 ‘Oliver Cromwell'
as the locomotive arrives at the NNR ahead of the railway's Autumn Gala.

Autumn Steam Gala Highlights August 2013 • North Norfolk Railway • 13 minutes
Featuring: BR Britannia 70013 'Oliver Cromwell', GNR N2 1744, GWR 56xx Class 5619,
LMS Black 5 45337, LNER B12 8572 and BR Standard 4MT 76084.

Spring Gala Highlights March 2014 • North Norfolk Railway • 5 minutes
Featuring: GNR N2 1744, BR Standard 4MT 76084, LNER B12 8572, LMS Black 5 44767 'George
Stephenson’ and GWR 16xx Class 1638 (masquerading as 60007 which wasn't able to attend).

Diesel Gala June 2014 • North Norfolk Railway • 6 minutes
Featuring: Class 40 D306 'Atlantic Conveyor', Class 14 D9531 'Ernest', Class 20 D8059,
Class 37 D6732, Class 31 D5631, Class 37 37219 and three car Metro-CammeI 101 DMU.

Autumn Steam Gala Highlights August 2014 • North Norfolk Railway • 11 minutes
Featuring: LNER B1 61306 'Mayflower', BR Standard 9F 92203 'Black Prince’,
LNER B12 8572, BR Standard 4MT 76084, LMS Class 5 44767 'George Stephenson’,
GWR 78xx Class 7820 'Dinmore Manor’ and LMS Black 5 45305.

M&GN Society Member's Day October 2014 • North Norfolk Railway • 14 minutes
Featuring: LNER B12 8572, 1700 ‘Wissington', Class 31 D5631, the Quad-Arts and vintage set
(which comprised of: M&GN No.129, LNER No. 6843 BYP Pigeon Brake and the GER Wisbech & Upwell
Tram Car No. 7). Also in service was a standard service set consisting of MkIs and the Gresley Buffet.

DVD37 / BRD37